Changing the way we do healthcare at events.


For years we have seen the challenges faced when providing pre-hospital healthcare; especially for event medical cover.


Lack of governance, last minute staff cancellations and sickness can cause huge amounts of unnecessary stress and put your events at risk.


Here at Aldo Medical we do things differently. We provide high quality medical staffing with a national network of Health Care Professionals ready to support your request; even at short notice.

Remember that safe and quality first aid is not the cheapest; but the cheapest is not always the safest or the best quality.


The dedicated team of Health Care Professionals at Aldo Medical hold decades of experience working in the Public, Private and Voluntary first aid and ambulance sectors.


We fully understand the challenges faced when providing pre-hospital healthcare for both frontline emergencies and the event medical environment.


Our work has both an operational and educational focus to ensure we can fully meet your needs and maximise clinical standards.

Unlike many other providers who staff their events last minute with unqualified clinicians; or medics found through social media at short notice, Aldo Medical ensures that you receive the level of service you want and expect.



Managed by health care professionals and industry experts.

Event First Aid is a widely unregulated industry, which is extremely difficult for event organisers to navigate. We are open and honest about our costs and the quality of services we provide. Don't take the risk with a low cost inexperienced provider. Do it right first time.





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